“Message us when you’re hungry!” said two Bexley High school entrepreneurs. The lack of cheap food delivery options in the Bexley area inspired these students to start their own business.

Seniors Jake Greenberg and Noah Hoffman call their service “Bexley Food Delivery.” Hoffman said every delivery service they could find didn’t deliver to Bexley or was too expensive, so they decided to create their own cheaper service.

At first people were skeptical, Hoffman said, but once they got it started and got more students excited about it, the number of supporters started to grow. People realized they were reliable and had a good price, Greenberg said.

Greenberg explained that a customer can go on Twitter or Facebook and send them a message with their order and where they want it delivered to.

The easy part about using Twitter is that whoever is making the delivery can quickly ask questions about orders, Hoffman said, and their prices for deliveries are posted on their page to make them convenient to find.

“It’s a $4 fee for anywhere in Bexley, and the price increases the farther outside of Bexley you go,” Hoffman explained.

They have no limits on how far they’ll go, Greenberg said. If it’s ordered, they’ll deliver it. Hoffman said he’s gone as far as Easton to pick up an order.

Greenberg added that there are 12 employees total, including himself and Hoffman.

The driver on the order always gets to keep the tips, but Greenberg and Hoffman said they take a percentage of the profits.

Hoffman said his favorite part of the job is that it’s part time.

“We can choose exactly when we want to work,” Hoffman said.

The customers’ favorite part isn’t the food, Greenberg said. Their favorite part is the picture they get to take and have posted on the Bexley Food Delivery Twitter page.

“There are times when kids are just so eager to ask to take the picture,” Hoffman said.

Greenberg added that they’ve even had kids dress up.

The Bexley Food Delivery Twitter page has over 500 followers, Greenberg said, so social media is a large part of what makes their business successful.

Hoffman said most of their customers are middle schoolers since they can’t drive, and the younger customers are the ones that most enjoy the social media aspect the most.

It’s not only kids who use it, Greenberg added. Adults also use it to order lunch when they can’t leave work or to order dinner for their family.

They even had a parent order over $100 worth of food from Moshi Sushi for dinner, Hoffman explained.

Greenberg said they have made over $6,000 since they started in February of 2016.

They hope the business they’ve created won’t graduate with them this year.

“We have kids that are younger than us as a part of our team, and I definitely think they’d be interested in running it after we leave,” Hoffman said.