A journalist and a public policy professional teamed up to create a news organization that does more than just document history, they want to inspire change with the information they provide the public.

Matter News is a nonprofit, multimedia news organization in Columbus that focuses on one issue at a time. Right now, Matter is covering development and growth in Columbus in a project named DevelopUS.

This means looking at things like income segregation, gentrification, and historic preservation.

Matter News is part of the Grey Matter Media organization that was spearheaded by two incredibly smart and determined women who combined their expertise in the journalism field and local government.

Jaelynn Grisso is the managing director and editor of Matter News and has spent nearly a decade in the journalism industry. She studied journalism at Ohio University which gave her a home in Ohio. Jaelynn said she got her “big break” after the election in 2016 when there was a big “call to arms” to protect journalism due to attacks against the press.

Jaelynn Grisso (left) and Cassie Young (right). Photo by Ris Twigg of Matter News

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Originally published on July 16, 2019