I became the King of Tokyo at Origins Game Fair!

I had so much fun at Origins Game Fair! I played tons of awesome games and took a few home with me as well. One of the highlights was definitely winning one of my favorite games, King of Tokyo by Iello Games.

My adventure started on Wednesday night went I went to discover the werewolves that were terrorizing our village in a few rounds of the game Are You A Werewolf? by Looney Labs. There are few games that I could play over and over again without getting tired of them, and this is one of them. Are You A Werewolf is a social deception group game. You are either a villager trying to discover the werewolves or a werewolf trying to eliminate all the villagers! I was a villager both games and unfortunately… I was eliminated both times and the werewolves won!

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Originally published on June 17, 2019