Infinity Aerial Is The Most Empowering Workout Around Town

Infinity Aerial is home to four different types of aerial apparatus’ that let you feel like you’re a superhero. CEO and Owner Valerie Schrader owned her studio in 2007, going on a mission to bring the liberating exercises and arts to the community. Since her first opening, she has moved locations to accommodate even more […]

Only 3% of female students at Ryerson approve of the Ford government: poll

71% of female students disapprove of the job the provincial governmental lead by Doug Ford is doing and abortion rights and sex education are amongst their concerns 71 per cent of Ryerson students who identify as female disapprove of the job the provincial government is doing, according to a recent poll conducted by Ryerson School […]

More like home

Horizons for Youth shelter is helping young people get off the streets and back to pursuing their passions The sounds of slamming doors, stomping feet, and angry voices rang in John Huynh’s ears as he stuffed just his phone and his wallet of only a few bills, into the pocket of his pyjama pants. His […]

My Morning Cup of Coffee

My right-hand holds the warm mug in my crossed-legged lap as I sit on the end of my partner’s twin bed. My back slightly hunched, sitting up straight when I remember, inhaling deeply, focusing on my breath, when I remember.  Breathe in smell the coffee breathe out. The clanking and banging sounds of constant construction […]

Opinion: We Are Done Dying For Your Right To Own Weapons Of War

My name is Tess, I’m 18 years old and if I get killed tomorrow I want my little sister to know that I’m doing this for her. No person should have to consider this. Especially kids. But unfortunately, this is the reality that we have to live with every day. We go to school in […]

Testimony against House Bill 36, The Pastor Protection Act

My name is Tess Stuber, I’m a junior in high school and I am standing here today to urge you to say no to the Pastor Protection Act. In every history class I have taken, we have discussed the monumental moments in history that stay with people forever. The moments where you can remember exactly […]

The Bexley Sleep Out 2016

This year I worked with students, teachers, and community members to raise awareness and funds for the YWCA family center. We ran an event at Jeffrey Park called the Bexley Sleep Out, where members of the community joined us for music, food, camp fires, and a night in tents to raise awareness of homelessness and […]

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