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Two Columbus Women Are Bringing Community Back To The Heart Of Local Journalism

A journalist and a public policy professional teamed up to create a news organization that does more than just document history, they want to inspire change with the information they provide the public.

Buffer Festival 2018: LGBTQ+ Creators Challenge Expectations and Prioritize Creative Freedom

The Buffer Festival 2018 LGBTQ+ screening offered creators a chance to share new content that branches out from their regular work. Many artists decided to pursue their own visions, despite the expectations and pressures placed on them as LGBTQ+ creators.

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The sounds of slamming doors, stomping feet, and angry voices rang in John Huynh’s ears as he stuffed just his phone and his wallet of only a few bills, into the pocket of his pyjama pants. 

Only 3% of female students at Ryerson approve of the Ford government: poll

71 per cent of Ryerson students who identify as female disapprove of the job the provincial government is doing, according to a poll conducted by Ryerson School of Journalism students between March 1-4.


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Opinion: We Are Done Dying For Your Right To Own Weapons Of War

Following the Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school shooting, my high school was business as usual. I went to class, I listened to lectures, I took notes. But I didn’t learn. I haven’t done any learning since 17 students were brutally shot dead. School has continued for the majority as if we are expected to show up to school without fearing for our lives.

9 Relaxing Places To Chill In Your Hammock Around Columbus

Hammocking is trendy and if you aren’t on the bandwagon yet, I think you’re about to be.


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